Marc Pagani Biography | Marc Pagani is a New Orleans Based Travel, Portrait, Live Music and Lifestyle Photographer



marc pagani is an award-winning new orleans-based adventure travel, portrait, live music, and lifestyle photographer and author

about marc

Photographer, musician, educator, climber, and Ironman triathlete Marc Pagani has been creating award-winning photographic images since 1993.
In addition to teaching photography and using it as a therapeutic tool in Chicago, he has built a successful and respected photography business in his home base of New Orleans. His work specializes in adventure travel, portraiture, live music, and lifestyle photography and has been featured online and in magazines and books, as well as on the walls of collectors and photo galleries. He has photographed a diverse range of people, cultures, and landscapes under water and on land in Southeast Asia, and throughout South America, Central America, North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. His book, "Fearless Photographer: Travel" is available at fine bookstores and online at